Terms and Conditions


  • You will experience the emotion of free flight in a magnificent panorama that goes from Monte Perdido at 3355 meters above sea level to the shore of Fiscal at 700 meters above sea level, all furrowed by the Ara, the last virgin river in the Pyrenees. The zip line activity consists of the 4×4 approach from the reception area set up at pk 0.7 of the Bergua road (where there is a parking lot and a reception area) and the descent in one of the largest and fastest zip lines built.
  • At the arrival station you can wait for the shuttle to take you to the departure point. You must show up 30 minutes in advance at the reception.


  • Everything necessary to carry out the activity (descent trolleys, harness, helmet and glasses), will be provided by the organization. In the same way, the organization provides a Civil Liability and accident insurance policy.
  • Due to the characteristics of the harness, it is prohibited to carry out the activity for pregnant people.
  • In individual descents the user must weigh between 40 and 130 kg.
  • In double or duo descents, maximum weight 150 kg between the 2 users. Minimum weight 35 kg and maximum difference between users 40 kg. For example, a 40 kg person and an 80 kg person, a 40 kg person and a 90 kg person would not be possible.
  • The user declares to know that the descent on the zip line and all similar activities are sports that have a risk and that imply an inherent danger in said activities, which cannot be completely eliminated even when there is some degree of prevention , care, caution, instruction or experience. The participant knows and understands the range of nature and extent of the risks involved in the activity contemplated in this contract. In these sports, unforeseen events may arise from which no responsibility can be derived from either party, due to the fortuitous nature known to the participant. The participant accepts the risks and possible consequences that the practice of the descent in zip line entails
  • If you suffer from any disease or ailment that does not allow you to practice the descent on the zip line or maliciously conceals it or lies when answering about medical restrictions, the OPERATOR is not responsible for the consequences that are generated by these activities, understands that for the practice of the activities, the participant is and must be carried out in sound mental and physical sense, it is forbidden to perform them under the influence of alcohol and / or psychotropic substances.
  • Minors: When the person wishes to practice the activity and is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied or authorized in writing by their parents or responsible persons, who will sign this contract on behalf of the minor. This check must be validated online, to specify the date and time.
  • There are complaint forms available to customers.
  • In all cases, the guidelines set by the guides and zip line team must be followed.
  • Tirolina is authorized to make recordings for the safety of the activity and users, within the limits set by the Data Protection Law.
  • The activity It is conditioned by wind conditions, in case of exceeding 20m / s the activity will be suspended. It will be notified at least 1 day in advance and the possibility of refunding the payment or changing the date will be given


  • Between 7-15 days the date can be changed and the payment is saved
  • Less than 7 days the payment is lost unless conditions of greater cause are justified.
  • In case of extreme weather conditions (gusts of wind greater than 20m / s, thunderstorms, torrential rains), the reservation will be canceled for security reasons and the reservation date will be changed or the amount will be refunded. At least 1 day in advance, the affected customers will be notified from the reception.